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Uncover the Heart of Your Medicine

and define your purpose

The My Medicine™ Program is a 9-month exploratory journey that trains individuals to provide deeply inspiring wellness solutions using intuitive and lineage-based medicine practices. 

Applications close in:

Welcome to the My Medicine™ Program.

Developed by Dr. Ehrler, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with six years of firsthand experience as a practitioner, professor, speaker, and online educator, My Medicine™ is a platform designed for practitioners, students, and individuals seeking to reclaim their passion for the field of health and wellness, explore modalities and practices not taught in traditional educational settings, and define their purpose within healthcare on their own terms. 

Ready for your life to change?

If you rely only on

wellness trends & protocols

you may face frustration


Do you find yourself aimlessly following protocols and struggling to know what to do when they don’t work?


Are you frustrated that after years of training, you never got to uncover or develop your personal skills as a healer?


Do you want to go deeper with the medicines you are able to offer, but have no idea where to begin?


No interest in expensive, unsustainable treatments, and instead would like to practice medicine you feel good about?

“This program opened up a whole world that I was looking for but never found.”

— Stephanie

but guess what...

I felt confused, uninspired, and

frustrated too.

I was the odd-ball out: never interested in the trendy new supplement or satisfied by giving a patient a handout and sending them on their way. When I opened the doors to my practice, I wondered who I was as a healer, and how I could truly help someone in need.

I needed to find the missing pieces in my education and figure out what made me stand out as a practitioner.


The My Medicine™ Program

A 9-month comprehensive mentorship program designed for practitioners, students, and individuals seeking to reclaim their passion for the field of health and wellness, explore modalities and practices not taught in traditional educational settings, and define their purpose within healthcare on their own terms. 


Here's What You'll Learn

feature one

Dynamic Modalities

Venture deep into the mystery of remarkable and accessible healing modalities. Through dreamwork, nature communication, medicine making, seasonal living, and more, you will enjoy the benefits of excellent health during your training that you will then be able to share with patients. 

feature two

Guided Discovery

Our program creates the support to receive, explore, and responsibly share potent medicine practices and skills such as honing your ability to communicate with the natural world, liberate and strengthen your intuition, and uncover your ancestral medicine practices. 

feature Three

Wise Advice

Covering a broad range of topics such as practice management, case analysis, business development and more, you will engage in dynamic discussions and receive transparent guidance on what to do, and what not to do in practice. 

feature four

Strong Community

You will form lasting relationships with other members in our intimate cohort as you navigate the program. You will also be invited into an exclusive network of both current mentees and mentorship alumni, taking part of a growing community of like-minded future and current practitioners. 

What does my enrollment include?

The Value You're Going to Get


A new module to explore, released at the start of each month


Tutorials and guides to enhance your journey & understanding


Sharing circles and Q+A sessions to light you up and expand you


An online forum to connect with community and deepen connections 


Lifetime access to the curriculum, including yearly upgrades to the program

How to Enroll

first this

Complete your application for the program by September 10th, 2022 by clicking here.

then this

You will be notified if you are accepted into the program. You will have 72-hours to pay a small deposit to hold your seat.

then this

You will receive a welcome packet containing essential information and details for the program.

and finallY this

The journey begins. 

"I have truly learned so much about myself & my roots within the Earth and have connected with nature in a way that is far beyond the physical."


“This program provides ways to heal others as more of an art form than a scientific practice that resonates so deeply with my soul."


"This program was an answer to my prayers. Dr. Ehrler was incredible. It was the best decision I've made to support myself and my future career."


enroll before august 31st to access early bird pricing:

Payment Plan

PAY AS YOU GO, Month by Month



9 Payments of $295

One Payment 





1 payment of $2500

You're trying to follow your dreams.

But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your gifts to the next level and want someone to help guide you along the way.

It's wild to think back to my time in school or when I was just starting out in my practice. What I would have given to have transparent and meaningful mentorship surrounded by community!

Remember, what truly sets this program apart is the focus is on YOU and your gifts--it's not some shadowing opportunity that leaves you with zero actionable steps towards discovering your talents...

You're in the right place.

something you need to learn."


“Our indigenous herbalists say to pay attention when plants come to you; they’re bringing you

In this program you will...

Work with traditional nourishment practices and understand their implications for mind, body, and spirit.

Receive Nourishment

Explore various botanical, elemental, bacterial, and fungal medicines in exceptional contexts

Explore Earth Medicine

Improve your ability to effectively communicate and relate with nature, kin, patients, and others.

Speak with Nature

Gain clarity on your unique medicine & what gifts you have to share with the world, and bring your vision to life 

Gain Clarity

Become sensitized to the subtle energies around you, and how they inform your work and being

Work with Energy

Be part of an empowered and supportive network of fellow medicine practitioners

Feel Empowered

“This program has reassured me that I am on the right path.”

“I just have to say how very grateful I am for this experience! I’ve said before how burnt out I am with [school] and this has been a shining light to get me through to graduation! I am so happy I am learning these practices so that I can share them with my future clients.”

— Sarah, 2020 Mentee



“This program completely changed my life. It should be mandatory for any student or professional in medicine.”

— Stephanie



hey there!

I'm Dr. Ehrler, your facilitator.

My journey from being a new doc to where I am now is quite the story. My practice took many turns, and now all that experience has alchemized into the most beautiful offering: The My Medicine™ program. Curious about my details?

But it wasn't always this way. 

When I graduated med school, I had zero knowledge of any of the practices and trainings you will gain in this program. I had to go on a lengthy (and expensive) journey to collect these teachings and experiences, and then spend even more time alchemizing them into practical and effective content that could be integrated into patient care and beyond. 

But let me tell you, it was so worth it. My life and business went from ordinary to extraordinary, and now I get to do the same for people like you. There is something so remarkable about living in alignment with your gifts, and having crystal-clear knowing of your purpose. My only regret? I wish I would have started sooner. 

This program is the only one of its kind because...

The range of content & long-term support is unmatched, & is taught by a professional

The unique blend of content truly provides a well-rounded education of modalities traditionally not offered in a single program. If you wanted to get this education elsewhere, you would have to take multiple programs (invest more time, money, and energy) whereas My Medicine offers this unique blend in a single course. 

Additionally, many wellness spaces are unregulated and ran by self proclaimed experts. At My Medicine we have tangible instructor experience— Dr. Ehrler has experience in the field, accreditations, professional education, years as a university instructor, and this program is entering its third year and is well established. 

there is an indescribable richness to living your dream and standing out from the crowd

Imagine being able to effortlessly access your intuition, share unique lineage-based practices that truly work, and build a wellness practice that embodies radiant, sustainable, and effective wellness. There is an indescribable richness to living out this dream, and standing out from the crowd.

But trust me, I know how far away that can all feel when you are uninspired by the tools you are currently using. I’ve been there myself, and I knew something had to change. I created the My Medicine™ Program to help folks avoid the challenges and frustrations I endured.

Under my mentorship and among your community of fellow apprentices, you will receive training in ancestral medicine practices and folk herbalism, cultivate relationships with herbal allies, gain trust in your intuition, and unlock your greatest potential as a healer.

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything

 you need to start your journey.

The truth is, the meaningful conversations, education, and exploratory practices in this 9-month mentorship are only the beginning. Your journey will continue well beyond this program. But can you think of another reasonable way or time to gain the solid foundation this program has to offer?

This is for you if:


YOu ARE IN THe health & Wellness industry

you're ready for transparent mentorship

You're overwhelmed by new things


It's probably not for you if...

you struggle with committing to yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can, or should apply to this program?

Anyone who identifies as a healer! Examples include, NDs, MDs, acupuncturists, reiki healers, therapists, coaches, DPTs/PTs, etc.

Is it better to do this program as a student, or when I'm in practice?

We think doing it as a student will provide important insight as you begin your practice, but if you wait until you are in practice, that's fine!

Do I have to be local to join? What if I do not live in California?

Our program is held virtually because we have participants with vastly different needs and schedules. You do not need to be local.

How many hours per week should I expect to dedicate?

What you put into the program is what you will get out of it. Most students spend an average of 1-5 hours working with the material. 

How long do I have access to the material?

For life. What you learn here is yours to keep. You are welcome to access and revisit the content as you wish!

What's it like having students + practitioners in a group together?

The material is new to everyone, so we are all on the same page! The blended dynamic fosters a rich environment that all benefit from. 

What materials will I need to complete my assignments?

Any materials needed (botanicals, books, etc) will be shared with you well in advance. 

What if I get busy and fall behind?

That's okay! Schedule a 1:1 session with Dr. Ehrler to develop a catch up plan and remember that you have access to this content for life! Take your time!


Students have taken this course so far


Months of guided mentorship


Lifetime access to all content


Hours of revolutionary content

Let's Do This

Still on the Fence?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your practice is an important one! If you are unsure if this is a good fit, please feel free to reach out. We can chat via email or schedule a call to discuss your needs and help form a decision.