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This Is Motherhood Medicine

A Family Practice

(With Heart + Soul)

This Is Motherhood Medicine

A Family Practice

(With Vision + Expertise)

This Is Motherhood Medicine

A Family Practice

(With Helping Hands)

We practice medicine that benefits our patients & planet for generations to come.

Drawing from years of experience and expert training, we offer a timeless approach to medicine—one that doesn’t aimlessly follow trends but instead inspires others to celebrate their connection with the natural world.

Your body knows what to do,  it just 

needs the space to do it.

We believe in the body’s ability to heal itself. Our job (you & me) is to figure out how we can support, nourish, and rebuild your body and environment so that healing can unfold. 

Our goal is to bring you closer to yourself, and closer to what nourishes you, and let the body take it from there. No “fixing” and no suppression, ever. 

WE can help with that.

What we VAlue

Vitalistic Medicine

Ancestral Nourishment

Listening deeply

Seasonal Living

You, me, & us.

meet the founder

Hello, I'm Dr. Ehrler

Licensed naturopathic doctor, mentor, and professor who aims to keep ancestral medicine alive. 

Whether it be working with patients, students, or community members, my ethos remains the same:
to value the wisdom that came before us and pass it down to the next generation with integrity. 

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My Medicine

A 9-month intimate journey for individuals seeking to reclaim their passion for wellness, explore modalities and practices not taught in traditional educational settings, and define their purpose within healthcare on their own terms. 

"Dr. Ehrler has changed my life in ways I never thought possible."

— Rachel, Gut Dysbiosis, 2022


Moon Mapping & Seed Cycling for Hormonal Balance

Women have been trackers since time immemorial. We tracked the moon, menstruation, dreams, seasons, and more. Unfortunately, these traditions have been lost and with it, some of our power. The time has come again to learn, practice, and share these wisdoms, starting with reclaiming our moon and menstruation.


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Our coveted guide to seasonal living at it's finest: nourishment practices, botanical allies, land stewardship, & more. 

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