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Motherhood Medicine™ is a naturopathic medical practice specializing in

gentle medicine.

Our work is rooted in connection, creative solutions, and traditional medicine practices. We encourage intuition and focused attention as ways for patients to connect with their health, body, and emotional landscape. 

it began with a question

Our Story

What would wellness look like if we took a gentle approach to healthcare?

Despite years of study at the nation's top naturopathic medical school, I was deeply unsatisfied with what I was trained to offer my patients. Green allopathy was not what I wanted to contribute to the world, and so I set out to learn a better way.

I started to examine my innate philosophy of healing, compared to the clinical approach I had been modeled and trained in. The differences were stark, and I had much un-learning and retraining to do. 

And after years of retraining, my path forward was clear: simple, gentle, ancestral medicine.

The practice of gentle medicine is central to the tradition of vitalism and nature cure, which I specialize in and wholeheartedly believe in. What this means is that I deeply listen to the body and environment my patient is living in. We look for clues and communications from the body, mind, and spirit. We work on the foundations of health first, making simple adjustments that have high-yields, and watch for how the body responds, and heals.



Hello, I'm Dr. Ehrler

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Professor, Mentor, Mother, & Wife.

I'm dedicated to cultivating a beautiful life.
This means caring for my community & the place we call home.

My husband and I raise our two sons on a 40-acre organic farm nestled in the foothills of East County, San Diego where we live in reciprocity with the land. We are very active in our community, working hard to make sure any resources and support we have to offer is shared. Aside from my private practice, I serve as both a faculty member and clinical supervisor at Bastyr University, and run an educational platform called My Medicine. 

We Believe

Simplicity is the

ultimate sophistication.

The most powerful medicine

is simple and free.

Ancestral medicine

is a birthright. 

Treating the whole person

includes their environment.


Tradition / 


Bio-individuality /

Root-cause Resolution

Deep nourishment

By taking a thorough case history, assessing for underlying causes of disease, and identifying and removing obstacles keeping you from radiant wellness, I provide my patients with the most individualized and highly effective treatment plans. No matter what your current state of health is or how many “things you’ve tried”, I can guarantee we will make progress. 


01. Wild Water

02. Land Stewardship

03. Slowness

04. Legacy

05. Simplicity

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