One-on-One Patient Care

We provide outstanding naturopathic virtual healthcare.

We offer care to individuals interested in comprehensive, in-depth primary care. Fueled by plants, science, and wisdom, we work together to build space in your life to heal, learn, & grow.

What You Need:

More time for you

Our treatment plans will create space in your life and encourage you to prioritize and take care of yourself, not just mask your symptoms.

Better quality care

It’s about quality over quantity over here. Our appointments are in-depth so that we can truly listen and let your health journey unfold, sans restrictions. 

Freedom & incredible results

Be in full control of your health. We build your treatment plan together, meaning you approve all components, empowering you to be your own healer. 

Isn't it time...

you experienced true health?

Our Process

Phase One

Put in a request for a free consultation by clicking here. Then we'll hop on a call to discuss your health concerns, goals, and values to make sure we are good fit. 

Phase two

After your new patient intake is scheduled, we'll send over intake forms. They are lengthy but thorough to make sure no stone is left unturned. 

Phase three

After your new patient intake (typically a 2 hour appointment), your treatment plan will be formulated and submitted to you for your approval. 

phase four

We'll follow up on an as-needed basis after that. There are no minimums or caps on the number of follow up appointments for our patients. 

Expensive protocols don't create lasting change. 

They don't work for my patients or me personally, either. The thing is, that approach doesn’t work for most people because it doesn’t take YOU into consideration.

To those who have tried everything, and to those who have tried nothing, I’m here for you.

We get you. we've been there. we can help.


A clear path forward

Empowered choice

Sustainable practices

Radiant wellness

You're healthier than you think you are. But if you're anything like me and my patients, you want to take your health to the next level and partner with someone that you trust.

what Our Patients are saying:

"Working with Dr. Ehrler has been nothing short of exceptional."

— Sonia M., Infertility

“I followed our plan and am happy to report I am not only pain free, but cyst free.”

— Amy, Ovarian Cysts

"In just one session I saw significant improvement. My mind was blown."

— Kalia, Chronic Fatigue


Let's Make Wellness

Simple, Together

To ensure we are a good fit, a free consultation is required in order to become a patient. Click the link below to schedule.

I'm ready